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Get the Winning Bid!  Let us take the stress and frustration out of bidding at auction.  Our team of experts are only a click away from securing your dream property for the best possible price.

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This one’s simple: tell us where and we’ll be there! This service will give you access to our expert bidding skills and negotiating powers on auction day. With over 30 years combined experience, we’re your best shot at getting the winning bid.



After the full package? Prior to auction we’ll do in-depth research and find out everything you need to know through our specialised, industry-only channels which are not available to most people. This is an essential service to decide...



No matter where you live in Australia, or the world, you can have Hot Auction Bidders, Melbourne’s most trusted and diligent team of auction bidders and advisors, working for you and your interests when buying a property investment...



The process of buying was stress free! It was my trusted friend of 30 plus years who suggested that I get in touch with David Melatti of Astute Buyers Advocates. She advised that the process of buying was so stress free and that the service was impeccable.
Louise, Melbourne
David and his team secured my dream for $9000 less than I expected! "David was recommended by a good friend who had used his Auction Bidding Services. She was very impressed by the way he confidently bidded, and secured the property.
Sharyn, Essendon
Hot Auction Bidders made the process so easy for us, provided us with a huge amount of otherwise unattainable information, and gave us fantastic advice so we felt completely confident going in to the auction. And best of all – you saved us almost $20,000!!
Chris & Vivian
I want to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful service we received from Hot Auction Bidders. David, thank you for representing my Mum and I. You took the stress off our shoulders with your research, professionalism and expertise
Sheridan Lenette
David took the worry out of finding the right house, negotiating and teaching me the art form present at Auctions and real estate as a whole. I can’t thank him and his brother John enough for saving me $40,000 below market value.
Richie Nasr

Simple Saving Tips We Can ALL Benefit From!

Thursday Tips – 26th July 2017

It’s always good to keep an eye out for simple saving tips. Whether you’re saving for a property, a car, a holiday or just some extra cash; these tips will help you to stretch every penny!

  1. Change one habit at a time

Every dollar counts. Keep this in mind and make some simple changes which will add up over a long time. We recommend only changing one or two habits at a time, so you don’t get overwhelmed by your new economizing lifestyle. Some things you can change are:

  • Make your own coffee, rather than buying it from a café
  • Cut down on alcohol
  • Don’t buy single serve meals or eat out every day. Instead, try to cook a large meal twice a week (6 servings). Freeze half, and have the rest as lunch/dinner.
  1. Have a budget buddy

If you AND your friend decide to be more cash-savvy, it is a lot easier to save. It’s always difficult if one party is focused on staying in and saving, whilst the other is always inviting you out for dinner and drinks! If you and a friend are saving, you could enjoy a great night in with some wine and home cooked food, rather than consuming the same amount at a venue for about 7x the price!

  1. Don’t waste your wardrobe

It’s great to clean out your wardrobe every now and then, but keep in mind that a lot of your old clothes could be worth a pretty penny. When shopping, always make sure a generic store doesn’t stock a similar item. Switch clothes with friends. Also, try to avoid clothing that cannot be washed at home – those dry cleaning bills add up!

  1. Plan ahead

Make a groceries list and stick to it. Also, don’t shop for groceries when hungry – everything seems a lot more tempting when you’re hungry. Plan for bills/rent, and budget accordingly. If your bills are getting the better of you, tackle the issue head-on by switching off power points, having shorter showers, rugging up rather than using the heater, etc.


These are just a few simple daily sacrifices which can add up to a significant amount of money over time. For example, three weeks ago I started having coffee at home rather than buying it each day. I’ve already saved over $170 (including deductions for home-coffee supplies!).