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Location or Lifestyle?
Posted by   |   May 07th, 2014   |   Categories: News

Two common questions that surface when buying a home are “where to buy” and “what to buy”, but which comes first and is more important? A property can be in a great location but have little desirable features. Conversely, perhaps there is a property to buy in an undesirable location, featuring a gourmet kitchen, hot tub, and a huge backyard. What do Australians find more important?     

Results from a survey show that Australians care more about the where of their property than what they can do in the property. There was a slight gender divide between men and women, with women nominating suburb as most important and men leaning slightly more towards the lifestyle the property itself would provide. Younger people were also more interested in the location of the property- preferring to be where the action is outside their front door rather than within their walls.

What would you prefer? Suburb location or the lifestyle of the property? If this house was in your price range, but in a suburb seen as undesirable to you, would you ignore it?

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